The Best Way To Maintain a Wall-Mounted Fume Extractor

The Best Way To Maintain a Wall-Mounted Fume Extractor

Fume extraction is essential in many industrious settings, especially in a welding environment. However, poorly functioning machinery won’t adequately protect you and others from chemical and dust exposure. Here are some tips on the best way to maintain a wall-mounted fume extractor.

Regular Filter Checks

The filter within your fume extraction device is crucial for its functionality. Filters trap harmful particles and debris and protect workers from toxic fume exposure. When filters get too clogged up, the machine stops operating correctly altogether. You should regularly check your filters for clogs and an overabundance of trapped objects—if they’re visibly dirty, it’s time for new ones. If you notice a dip in performance from your wall-mounted fume extractor, this can be another sign that the filters are ready for a change.

Remove Sediment

Sometimes, the filter can’t catch anything, and fume extractors get slowly lined with sediment in other areas. First and foremost, this is yet another sign that you need to replace the filters. To remedy the initial issue, we recommend using compressed air blowers. These tools can safely and cleanly remove blockages without damaging other extractor parts. Always ensure that the air you use is free of dirt, oil, and moisture. Avoid steam or chemical-based cleaning processes, as these can cause even more issues for the internal components found in the extractor.

Ensure Functionality

Overall, the easiest way to maintain your fume extractor is by ensuring it is always completely functional. When devices start to wear down, small problems quickly lead to larger, more expensive issues. Performance lagging is progressive, so it’s essential that you regularly check the working conditions of your extraction machinery. Do routine inspections every month or two and look out for operational inefficiencies.

Following these tips is the best way to maintain a wall-mounted fume extractor. If you require expert help regarding your device or are in the market for something new, contact our friendly team here at FumeDog today!

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