Fume Dog - Magnetic Wall Mount Weld Fume Extractor with Filter - (Bulldog-FILT-FLEX)

Fume Dog - Magnetic Wall Mount Weld Fume Extractor with Filter - (Bulldog-FILT-FLEX)

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Fume Dog - Magnetic Wall Mount Weld Fume Extractor with Filter - (Bulldog-FILT-FLEX)

Fume Dog - Magnetic Wall Mount Weld Fume Extractor with Filter - (Bulldog-FILT-FLEX)

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Product Description

Presenting our enhanced 1,200 CFM Wall-Mounted Welding Fume Extraction System. Engineered for 1-2 shifts a day, this system excels in Stick, MIG, or TIG welding applications. Designed with a focus on versatility and convenience, this variation includes distinctive features:
  • Revolutionize your workspace with the magnetic fume hood. Crafted from aluminum and equipped with magnets, it allows for flexible placement on any metal surface
  • Flexible Filter Placement: Tailor the system to your workspace by easily moving the filter to the left or right side.
  • Take command of the system's operation effortlessly with the included on/off switch.
  • Integrated Wall Mount Bracket: Secure and stabilize your setup with the integrated wall mount bracket.
  • Optional 8' Foot Floor Mounted Stand: Opt for enhanced mobility and adaptability by selecting the optional floor-mounted stand from the drop-down menu above.
  • Explore Further Options: If you prefer a unit with a standard fume arm, it's available [here]
Elevate your workspace with the advanced features of our Wall-Mounted Welding Fume Extraction System, offering efficient fume control and adaptable placement for optimal productivity.

Technical Specifications

Airflow: 1200 CFM

Motor: 1.5 HP

Power: 120v / 1ph

Dimensions (in): 40.5" x 26" x 31.5"

Weight (lbs): 215 (no arm)

Arm Diameter (in): 8"

Fume Dog Warranty

We don't sell broken stuff, but in case our competitors manage to break into our plant and sabotage our equipment, the below warranty applies.

As the original purchaser, we guarantee that your Fume Dog extraction system will remain free from defects in material within one year of its original purchase. If such defects appear under normal usage, we will repair or replace your product at no cost to you. Please refer to the Owners Manual for more information about our One Year Limited Warranty.

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  • Ships in 24 to 48 hours (same day if ordered by 11 am)
  • Ships from GA
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Airflow: 1200 CFMMotor:1.5

HP Power:120v / 1ph

Dimensions (in) 45" x 24" x 23" (without arm)

Weight (lbs) 215 (no arm)


A high-performance filtration using MERV 15, Nanofiber, Fire Retardant Filter.

A MERV 15 filter is considered high-efficiency, capable of capturing very small particles, making it suitable for environments where air quality is crucial.


Our Magnetic Solution uses a 360 degree movement snorkel that allows you to place the arm in any position inside the Fume Dog Booth


Aluminum hood with magnets allows for placement anywhere with a metal surface

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Frequently Asked Questions About Welding Fume Extractors

What Is a Fume Extractor?

A fume extractor is at heart a simple machine. Dirty air is sucked up at the fume arm (snorkel), drawn through to the filter, and then clean air passes through the fan and out the exhaust.

Though simple in concept, the craftsmanship and knowledge required make it more difficult in execution than it would seem. Different particles (fume and dust) require different filters of varying degrees of efficiency. Getting the ideal airflow so that the fume can be extracted from while not pulling the shielding gas requires careful consideration.

At the end of the day, a weld fume extractor sucks dirty air in and exhausts clean air so you don’t inhale dangerous, cancer-causing fumes.

How Does a Portable Fume Extractor Work?

Essentially, portable fume extractors are devices that use fans to draw welding fumes and dust particles into a confined filtration system using negative airflow. This process will remove any hazardous gases and airborne particles from your environment. You will be able to move this fume extractor to any room of your choosing.

What Is the Difference Between Portable Smoke Eaters and Regular Ambient Air Cleaners in the Industry?

A smoke eater is specifically made to help remove cigarette smoke, cigar smoke, cannabis smoke, or vape smoke, which makes it different from other home air purifiers.

Ambient air cleaners are useful additions to fume extractors, but they shouldn't be used as the primary way to manage fumes. Due to the way ambient air cleaners work, fumes must first pass by a welder's breathing area before settling into the ambient unit's collection zone.

As a result, the welder is exposed to the same amount of hazardous welding fumes as if the extraction equipment were not there at all.

If I Have Multiple Stations, Can I Turn Off the Airflow to a Single Station?

The airflow to a certain station can be adjusted depending on which accessory arms are being used with the system. An operator can cut off the airflow to a single station using the adjustable airflow control that is included with the 2-inch metal flex arms and articulated arms.

What Is the Life of the Fume Extraction Filters?

To be specific, the answer is it depends. Wire size? How many shifts? Mild Steel? Is the steel oily? A lot of questions need to be asked to give an exact answer.

That said, you’ll generally get about a year of filter life assuming clean steel, .045 wire size, and one shift a day with an average 35% under the hood time. That is of course if you are using our cleaning system at least once a week.

How Often Should I Clean My Fume Extractor Filters?

Depending on the kind of portable fume extraction system you have, you will need to use the cleaning system and empty the dust tray on a weekly basis. The tray gathers airborne particles in addition to those from the extracted fumes. In order to prevent buildup, you need to empty the dust pan.

How Do I Choose a Fume Extractor?

1. How much are replacement filters?

- Most companies in this business want to sell you replacement filters, not a fume extractor. Prices upward of $400-$600 are common, most people don’t know to ask.

2. What is the diameter of the fume arm?

- If they say 6”, don’t believe them when they say the performance is 1,200 CFM

3. What is it made of?

- Don’t buy something made of plastic that is used around welding.