Fume Dog - Platen Downdraft Table Fume Extractor - (FumeDog-DDT-PLAT)

Fume Dog - Platen Downdraft Table Fume Extractor - (FumeDog-DDT-PLAT)

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Fume Dog - Platen Downdraft Table Fume Extractor - (FumeDog-DDT-PLAT)

Fume Dog - Platen Downdraft Table Fume Extractor - (FumeDog-DDT-PLAT)

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Product Description

Explore a new era of welding efficiency with our 400 FPM Downdraft Weld Fume Extraction Table, proudly dispatched from Georgia and meticulously crafted by our skilled manufacturing team. Uncover the exceptional features that distinguish this table:

  • Versatility in Names: Also recognized as a Platen Table or Acorn Platen Welding Table, this table is synonymous with versatility in function and design.
  • Clean Air, Saved Money: Benefit from downdraft airflow that ensures your lungs are filled with clean air and your pockets are preserved with Uncle Sam’s money.
  • Precision Engineering: The tabletop, composed of cast steel, is CNC machined to perfection, ensuring a flat surface akin to a pancake. Designed to resist weld splatter, it maintains a clean and efficient workspace.
  • Air Stream Filter Cleaner: Experience a filter life extended 5-6 times with the innovative Air Stream Filter Cleaner, promoting cost-effective and sustainable filtration.
  • Friction Fit for Tools: Tools fit seamlessly with a friction fit, eliminating any unwanted movement or shifting of parts during work.
  • Designed for Versatility: Tailored for 1-2 shifts, this table excels in Grinding, Stick, MIG, or TIG welding applications, providing a versatile solution for various welding tasks.
  • Static Load Capacity: With a static load capacity of 700lbs, this table is robust and ready for heavy-duty applications.
  • Fast and Easy Clamping: The Platen table facilitates fast and easy clamping anywhere on the top and sides, accommodating third-party 5/8" or 16mm clamps and tooling.

Upgrade your welding experience with the precision and adaptability offered by our 400 FPM Downdraft Weld Fume Extraction Table, designed to meet the demands of modern welding environments.

Plain English Description

-400 FPM
-Powder Coated Steel
-Spark Trap and Spark Baffles
-The unique Air Stream Filter Cleaner allows for 5-6 times the filter life over traditional reverse pulse systems depending on application.
-Grinding or welding

Corporate Speak:-MEGA DRAFT  airflow powered by trademarked adjectives!
-POWER PULSEcleaning system

Technical Specifications

Airflow: 400 FPM

Work Surface (in): 36” x 48”

Motor: 1.5HP

Power: 120v 1/ph

Finish: Powder Coat

Table Thickness: 5/8”

Hole Diameter .625

Static Load: 700lbs

Cut Sheet

Fume Dog Warranty

We don't sell broken stuff, but in case our competitors manage to break into our plant and sabotage our equipment, the below warranty applies.

As the original purchaser, we guarantee that your Fume Dog extraction system will remain free from defects in material within one year of its original purchase. If such defects appear under normal usage, we will repair or replace your product at no cost to you. Please refer to the Owners Manual for more information about our One Year Limited Warranty.

  • Flexible Payment Terms available at checkout
  • Ships in 24 to 48 hours (same day if ordered by 11 am)
  • Ships from GA
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Platen / Acorn table surface

  • Compatible with third-party 5/8" or 16mm clamps and tooling
  • Friction fit for tools


  •  120/1ph Motor 
  • MERV 15, Nanofiber, Fire Retardant Filter
  • 400 FPM capture velocity
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The "Platen Downdraft" table fume extractor from Fume Dog is one of the company's most powerful products for welders. If you're looking for the ultimate solution to improve your air quality by filtering smoke, odors, and toxic fumes in general, this worktop has a wide range of uses that will help.

Considering the product's features and price, you may have a few extra questions before deciding if it's worth your time. The following FAQ section will answer everything you need surrounding these downdraft extractors, so if you're ready to enhance your welding experience, give this section a read.

What Are the Most Common Health Risks Associated with Not Having a Downdraft Extractor Unit?

Fume Dog's downdraft extractors do an excellent job of filtering fumes and keeping your lungs healthy.

Welders often get exposed to toxic elements while working, including nitrogen, hydrogen fluoride, argon, and more. Due to the high risks associated with welding, there are several regulations in place to avoid considerable health problems in the future.

Not having a fume extractor in your working space greatly increases the chances of you (or your team) suffering from severe health complications, including constant irritation, lung damage, stomach ulcers, kidney damage, and more.

Downdraft extractors get used in different industries besides welding (including cooking, which uses a cooktop to filter dust, steam, and even grease particles). These also get used in the sanding industry to capture dust and other harmful elements. Here, however, the extraction table focuses on capturing welding fumes, which are known for causing the most damage to humans than the other options mentioned before.

Welding is a fun activity with a lot of job demand out there, but if you want to specialize in it, you must ensure you're complying with all the health and safety regulations available. The Platen Fume Extractor from Fume Dog is among the best solutions to improve your welding experience, and that's because of its premium build.

Is the Fume Dog Downdraft Fume Extractor Right for You?

There are other alternatives to extract welding fumes, so why choose the Platen Table, which is on the expensive side? It all comes down to the features.

If you're looking for something that can accommodate different welding applications, this may be the right option to consider. On the other hand, the tabletop here is made of cast steel, providing a high-quality welding surface to work on.

Due to the machine's quality build, you won't have to worry about shifting parts or unwanted moving. Once you set everything up, it'll stay in place regardless of how you approach it when working. This extractor is for those looking for extra quality and stability while they're welding.

What Features Make These Downdraft Extractors Special?

At first glance, the Platen Table from Fume Dog may look like a regular downdraft extractor. However, the key is in the details. One of the features that welders will appreciate the most is the fact that it comes with an "Air Stream Filter Cleaner."

Fume extractor filters tend to degrade fast considering their use. Thanks to the filter cleaner provided by Fume Dog, you could extend the filter's life about five or six times the average period. This is convenient, as you'll save money and time on frequent maintenance.

The Platen Table also offers easy clamping whenever you want on the top or sides of the table. If you're planning on using third-party 5/8" or 16mm tools or clamps, you can also do it with no extra effort.

Finally, the fact that this extractor has a strict load of 700 lbs means that you won't have to look for extra welding solutions to get your work done. All you need to keep your workspace safe and your air quality high is right in the extractor.

Should You Invest in the Fume Dog Downdraft Extractor to Avoid Long-term Exposure to Smoke/Fumes?

The Platen Table was designed for a variety of uses, including:

• MIG and TIG Welding
• Stick Welding
• Grinding
• 1-2 Shifts

If you don't have an appropriate solution to avoid getting exposed to toxic fumes, or your current extractor isn't doing the job, it would be wise to invest in the Platen Table from Fume Dog. It offers a durable build, amazing features, and many applications, making it a solid purchase for most professional welders.