Different Source Capture Options for Weld Fume Extraction

Different Source Capture Options for Weld Fume Extraction

To run a safe and efficient warehouse, a welding business, metalworking school, or at-home workspace requires having the proper ventilation. The most dangerous aspects of metal fabrication include internal damages caused by the inhalation of toxins. If you’re looking to protect the well-being of yourself and others, here’s a guide on the different source capture options for weld fume extraction.

Natural Solutions

“Natural solutions” really means using the air available to you as an easy way to remove toxins. These tactics work best for smaller workshops, like garages or small businesses, and should only be used to supplement other, more comprehensive methods and machinery.

That being said, don’t underestimate the suction benefits of opening doors and windows while welding. For garages, keeping that large door open throughout the day ensures clean breathing air and fewer fumes. Windows in a tiny warehouse adequately extract weld fumes, especially when paired with a quality HVAC system.

Extractor Machines

For more extensive areas, you must invest in quality extractor machinery that automates the recycling process. These devices are built solely to clean toxins from the air and operate effectively, ensuring employees are safe. FumeDog offers sturdy varieties of extractors that are perfect for any workspace.

Our portable fume extractors allow for more flexibility in the warehouse, while our wall-mounted devices keep air clean and floors clear of obstacles. Paired with the proper arm attachment, these machines are among your best defense against overexposure to weld fumes.

Downdraft Tables

The easiest way to weld without exposing oneself to high metal fumes is to work on a downdraft welding table. These machine marvels have built-in extractors that utilize downdraft physics to clean air as your work constantly.

Much like our other extractor products, our downdraft equipment is guaranteed to keep employees healthy and productive. It’s also the perfect gift for our welding-enthusiast loved one during the holiday season.

There’s a wide range of different source capture options for weld fume extraction that you can implement into your welding workspace. Ultimately, you want the technology that ensures efficiency and safety. Luckily, Fume Dog offers superior fume extraction equipment for all your needs.

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