Downdraft Tables

Downdraft Tables

Well, as it turns out, inhaling weld fume and grinding dust is bad for your health. We always used to wonder if inhaling melted metal dust was bad for our health, but modern science has the answer. Downdraft welding tables allow for the welder to do welding without needing to move fume arms or operate safety equipment and avoid the breathing in melted metal and dust. The basic design principle is, welder’s want to weld, not operate safety equipment. It protects you from things such as weld fume fever and hexavalent chromium or hex chrome exposure.

Safety equipment is never a fun expense, but neither are medical bills in your late 50’s.

Search through our selection of downdraft grinding tables to find the ideal workspace, whether you need something for welding or grinding. Don’t hesitate to call us up with any questions about the downdraft tables we have to offer. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Downdraft Tables

Welding is a useful and often necessary task, but it also has the potential to be significantly dangerous to a worker's health because of contaminated air.

Therefore, welding fumes, produced during the operation of machinery, are a common workplace hazard. Long-term exposure to welding fumes can cause chronic and permanent health conditions. All welding tasks should be undertaken with caution and with safety protocols, including using protective equipment.

Welders need down draft tables with a filtration system designed for welding fume extraction. A clean air filter can protect your health. Below is useful information about downdraft tables (or downdraft benches).