Are Downdraft Tables Difficult To Operate?

Are Downdraft Tables Difficult To Operate?

Having adequate ventilation within a welding environment is essential for maintaining a safe space for employees and yourself. Using a fume extractor is the best way to provide clean, hazard-free air. A downdraft table is an extraction machine that features a workstation and a built-in source capture system. But are downdraft tables difficult to operate? Read on to learn more.

Basic Operating Tips

Luckily, you don’t technically operate a downdraft table. Instead, you simply turn it on and weld as you normally would. These workstations have built-in vacuums that use the negative draft and run automatically. When it comes to operating on these tables, you shouldn’t overcrowd the surface. This ensures the extraction system effectively eliminates toxic fumes and debris. Plus, a cluttered downdraft table increases the chances of a welding accident.

The Installation Process

If operating a downdraft table is easy, how simple is the installation process? After all, these extractors are large and complex machines. Well, implementing one of these tables into your workshop is incredibly straightforward. All you need is uncramped space to place the workstation and a nearby power source. That’s all that’s necessary to keep downdraft tables safe and functional.

Why Downdraft Tables Are Beneficial

Using and installing a downdraft table isn’t a difficult task, but why is it beneficial to your workshop? For starters, any welding environment requires good air conditions. Therefore, workshops implement natural, machine, and local ventilation.

The latter is possible with fume extraction devices, which capture fumes and debris from the source. Downdraft tables consolidate equipment into an all-in-one purifying workstation. You can weld right under the vacuum and stress less over chemical exposure.

So are downdraft tables difficult to operate? No! They’re straightforward and applicable in any welding environment. Consider our downdraft welding table machines here at Fume Dog to ensure a safe and functional workshop.

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