5 Types of Projects That Downdraft Tables Are Good For

5 Types of Projects That Downdraft Tables Are Good For

We’ve covered the advantages of using a downdraft table before, but now, let’s cover the specific projects that are best conducted on this type of fume extractor. As a quick review, these devices remove toxic fumes, fine dust, and smoke straight from your workstation, allowing you to conduct industrious jobs with little stress safely.

It’s the perfect piece of equipment for working alone in a garage or professional working environment. With that out of the way, here are five types of projects that downdraft tables are good for using.


Of course, the most common project conducted on a downdraft table is welding. Introducing metal to heat produces toxic fumes that linger in the air. These compounds include hexavalent chromium, manganese, and other known carcinogens.

To eliminate overexposure, use a downdraft table to suck up these particles right from the source. Plus, the large working surface provides an excellent space to weld large items and objects.


After welding, another common application for downdraft tables is metal grinding. This process involves smoothening edges and joints. Additionally, grinding metal helps deburr and create sharp or custom edges.

While fumes are not a typical byproduct of this project, the aggressive cutting action does introduce tiny metal pieces into your general vicinity. These particles can cause exterior and internal damage, so use a downdraft table to ensure your air supply is clean.


Soldering is the act of joining different metal types or objects together by melting solder (a form of metal alloy made of tin and lead). The process is very similar to welding, except for the use of melting.

This project exposes you to solder fumes and other chemicals, along with metal particles. Having a workstation with built-in extraction devices makes this process far more efficient and, most importantly, safer.

Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting uses an accelerated jet of hot plasma to cut through electrically conductive metal, like steel, aluminum, and brass. This process is most commonly used in automotive work, fabrication, and salvage operations.

Like any metal manipulation action, toxic fumes are produced when heat is introduced to the object. Protect your well-being by eliminating these chemicals with a downdraft table.

Sanding and General Woodworking

Yes, these extractors are perfect for more projects than metal fabrication! In fact, many hobbyists and multi-faceted businesses use downdraft tables for woodworking processes. Luckily, manipulating wood doesn’t produce an abundance of toxic fumes.

However, it does create a whole mess of wood dust. When inhaled, these pieces can cause damage to your lungs and other internal organs. Additionally, dust accumulation within an industrious workspace may lead to sudden combustion.

If you’re looking for downdraft grinding tables today, consider FumeDog’s inventory of high-quality equipment. Then, enjoy conducting the five types of projects that downdraft tables are good for!

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