Tips for Maximizing Indoor Air Quality for Welders

Tips for Maximizing Indoor Air Quality for Welders


Air pollutants and floating particulate matter are always dangers when working in a metal fabrication shop. These hazardous materials can cause both short and long-term medical issues, affecting employees and damaging the reputation of your shop. However, you can read some tips for maximizing indoor air quality for welders; these suggestions can help you avoid the dangers inherent to metalworking shops. Know what you need to do to protect yourself and your workers.

Control It at the Source

Fume Extractors

The best way to prevent exposure to harmful particulate matter is to get it at the source. There are a few reliable methods for improving air quality in this way; the first includes implementing wall-mounted fume extractors. These devices are highly maneuverable, with an extended arm that can reach directly into the work area of a welder. The extractor vacuums the harmful material, storing it in a safe location away from your employees.

Downdraft and Water Tables

Alternatively, you can use a downdraft or water table. Cutting or welding on these surfaces enables employees to eliminate most of the airborne particles that result from these processes. Whether it’s through vacuuming with downdraft or capturing with water tables, you can stop dust and debris at the source.

Improved Ventilation

Stopping particles at the source won’t work 100 percent of the time; that’s why you must take things a step further. You should install and maintain a ventilation system to capture the dust and debris that escapes from individual work areas. Establishing these ventilation systems will recycle the air in your shop, ensuring that it ejects anything harmful floating around the facility.

Protect Your Employees

Your employees’ health is your top priority; if they get sick during their work hours, that falls on the company to handle. Preserve their well-being and know how to improve the air quality for your welders. Failing to do so can result in avoidable health conditions and debilitating respiratory diseases.

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