How To Choose the Right Fume Extractor System

How To Choose the Right Fume Extractor System

Whether you’re running a welding business or gathering equipment for your trade school/program, it’s essential to know how to choose the right fume extractor system for you. Quality equipment ensures the safety of your employees, students, and yourself when working with metal – poor ventilation, especially in an enclosed space, threatens the health of everyone involved. Check out these tips for purchasing the best extractor system.

The Layout of Your Workshop

A fume extractor filters harmful particles and provides clean, breathable air. They’re not immensely large devices; they fit easily in almost any workshop or welding space. However, consider the size and layout of your workshop to determine how many systems you require and what types of extractors are best for you.

If you’re more of a welding enthusiast working out of your garage, opt for a smaller extractor that’s highly portable and flexible for more precise jobs. If you’re running a classroom or business, a more extensive system is the better choice. Furthermore, companies and welding schools typically opt for downdraft tables or centralized systems that effectively clean the air more efficiently.

If your space is smaller but still requires heavy ventilation, consider a wall-mounted welding fume extractor that offers more floor space for your welders – our FumeDog systems provide superior protection for the wellbeing of your employees, yourself, or your students.


The quality of your extractor is vital when deciding which system is best for you. A poorly performing extractor wastes space and provides nothing for your business or your school. You want fume extractors that offer top-notch blowers and quality cleaning filters.

A lack of airflow within your workshop due to no windows or doors may affect your equipment's efficiency. Consider these factors when purchasing a system, as even light breezes assist the performance of an extractor. Resources like airflow calculators help determine the requirements of your ventilation machinery.


You want to purchase a device that’ll last for years to come! Our fume extractors are made with durable materials that reduce wear and tear over time. Portable extractors move around the floor of a workshop often, putting them at risk of dings and dents – thankfully, a sturdy device limits these damages effectively. Wheels allow the extractor to move through a work space without falling over or needlessly bumping into other equipment or walls.

Mounted extractors stay out of the way and are far less likely to suffer from damages. A quality downdraft table is built to withstand high levels of heat and fire produced from welding guns.

Ultimately, the safety of every welder involved is your utmost priority. You want to ensure your employees' and students' wellbeing is taken care of properly – even the weekend welder deserves a proper ventilation set-up! Fume Dog’s high-quality devices provide you with improved performance and superior protection, and we’re here to help you choose the right fume extractor system.

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