7 Benefits of a Portable Fume Extractor - Understanding the Basics

7 Benefits of a Portable Fume Extractor


If you're like many people, you spend over half of your waking hours working. You know that welding produces toxic gas that could affect your respiratory system, which makes it dangerous. Therefore, a portable fume extractor might be beneficial.

Portable fume extractors are devices that vacuum out those dangerous gases and protect workers. Let's consider the benefits of them for your workplace!

1. Fume Extractors with Maneuverability

A portable extractor's flexibility helps it adapt to many circumstances in industrial applications. You can stop spreading gases and move the machine around when needed because of the wheels. Likewise, the extended arm features a vacuuming mechanism for more safety!

Portable fume extractors help you position it whenever necessary. Likewise, it's possible to store it when you don't need it to suck up the dust.

2. Welding Fume Extractors for Affordability

A portable extractor is less expensive than larger installations, such as wall-mounted fume extractors. It can gather up the welding debris without needing more infrastructure. Overall, it's a standalone system that accomplishes your goals.

Though a larger fume extractor will suck up more welding fumes and protect the worker's health, it comes with costly and continuous maintenance. Since portable versions come with a cleanable filter, you can capture hazardous fumes with ease and have mobility when needed.

3. Portable Fume Extractors as a Low Investment

Investing in a portable extractor is much less compared to a fixed system. Choosing a more affordable and smaller alternative ensures that you can integrate it without spending money on a large building project.

You won't require upgrades to install portable fume extractors. However, you will need to follow the installation instructions to maximize its potential and use it correctly.

4. Sturdy Construction for all Industrial Applications

Though the goal is fume control, agility becomes useless if the design isn't correct. The extended arm features friction plates. When you tighten them sufficiently, you won't have any drooping. This means a durable construction for use in various fabrication shops.

Most of the components are made using aluminum and metal, so they'll last longer. Plus, you won't have to deal with wear and tear as much.

5. Protect Employee Health from Welding Fumes

You can guarantee your workers' safety because of portable welding fume extractors. These professionals work around hazardous particles and fumes all day, and OHSA requires safety precautions. When dangerous substances get into the air, they could enter an employee's lungs. The XL filter on most portable fume extractors prevents this, so the vapors stay out of the body.

6. Fewer Absences from Work with Fume Control

Lower absenteeism and a healthy workforce go hand in hand and are related to the workplace itself. Production often increases when companies have workers who show up on time and care about their jobs. Most businesses offer medical insurance for the team, as well.

Knowing how dangerous welding can be is the first step. Then, you have to ensure that the workplace is healthy and safe. Otherwise, you're paying more for health insurance because you don't have a fume extraction filter.

7. More Motivated Employees in Welding Shops

With so many benefits of portable fume extractors, it's easy to see why you need one to capture and filter out the fumes created from welding. This won't just help the workers; the company also reaps the advantages!

Workers are less likely to be sick when they work in a safe atmosphere. However, they're also energized and ready to work. If a welder is worried about toxins in the workplace, they aren't attentive to their jobs. Likewise, they want to feel comfortable knowing that the extractor can capture and filter out the toxins.

Conclusion - Why You Need Portable Fume Extractors

A fume extractor is often seen as a necessity in the welding industry. Employers often think that a fume extraction system is an unnecessary expense initially, but the cost of not having one is much higher.

In an ideal world, you would work with assurance knowing that you were safe, but that's not always the case. However, it's possible to protect your environment with mobile fume extraction systems.

It's important to use the best mobile fume extractor you can find. This will protect the employee's health, boost productivity, and costs less than stationary models.

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