4 Reasons You Need a Welding Fume Extractor

4 Reasons You Need a Welding Fume Extractor

Working with welding machines creates a number of problems, the most important of those being health related. Without proper safety equipment, workers expose themselves to respiratory issues that can carry on for years to come.

By knowing the reasons you need a welding fume extractor, you can prevent your workers from succumbing to avoidable illnesses, keep them healthy, and enhance the company’s productivity.

Safely Eliminating Harmful Gasses

Welding creates toxic fumes that are better left outside the lungs; inhaling them and long-term exposure will lead to chronic illnesses.

The best way to preserve the safety of your workers is to eliminate the gasses right in front of them with the use of welding fume collectors. With their extended arms, these fume collectors can suck up harmful gasses and small particle matter, securing them in a safe location far away from employees.

Creating Better Air Quality

The fumes from welding not only affect employees in the present, but without management, the fumes and small particulate matter will collect throughout the workshop. Allowing the fumes to spread can create a buildup of sediment, which will be hazardous to remove and work around.

In essence, it contaminates the air and soils it for everyone working and breathing inside the workshop. Fume collectors eliminate the grime at the source, preventing it from spreading beyond the immediate work area.

Reducing Number Of Sick Days

When working around fumes, there will inevitably be some lapse in procedure, and an employee may inhale unsafe toxins. This means that whoever breathes in the fumes needs time to recover, reducing the workshop’s productivity.

While you may have other measures in place to combat the inhalation of fumes, whether that be masks or face protectors, fume extractors eliminate the gasses rather than shielding workers. Add an extra layer of protection to your staff and prevent the need for avoidable sick days with fume collectors.

Promoting a Better Work Environment

By creating a safer working environment, you manufacture a space where employees feel safe and secure. Everyone will be far more comfortable coming into work knowing they don’t run the risk of clocking out sick.

Among the reasons why you need a welding fume extractor, the positive effects it has on your employees’ mental health are the most important. Make sure everyone has what they need to remain safe and do their jobs as efficiently as possible.

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