3 Ways To Minimize Exposure to Welding Fumes

3 Ways To Minimize Exposure to Welding Fumes

If you’re a welding enthusiast or a bonafide professional, you recognize the dangers that come from working with metal and heavy machinery. Aside from physical hazards, toxins produced during metal fabrication threaten your internal health. Spending extended periods in a poor workshop may lead to ongoing health issues, some of which can prove fatal. To avoid disaster, check out these three ways to minimize exposure to welding fumes.

Wear Proper PPE

Any industrial job demands some form of personal protective equipment (PPE). Welding requires specialized gear that safeguards your skin and organs. Welding helmets and goggles both adequately prevent damage to your face and eyes. As for avoiding toxins in the air, you should wear a respirator mask to keep your lungs clean. No matter the work environment, you should always wear your PPE and ensure that your gear is functional and fits well.

Have Efficient Ventilation

Personal protective equipment provides some defense against fumes. But without efficient ventilation, your physical wellbeing is at risk. Smaller operations can get by with open windows and large doors. But larger businesses with more welders need a more comprehensive solution. Fume Dog offers various extractors for every workshop. Our portable models are great for fluid environments, while our wall-mounted units utilize welding fume extractor arms to clean air in larger rooms.

Carry Out Regular Fume Inspections and Training

Wearing the right gear and using competent extraction equipment are only the first steps in protecting your lungs from toxins. To ensure continued security, someone must consistently inspect the workshop’s systems and fume levels.

Additionally, you should clean all surfaces daily so that toxins don’t build. It’s best to keep every welder and employee educated on the dangers of toxic fumes and signs of overexposure. Hold regular refreshers with the entire staff to ensure everyone knows how to avoid hazards. This allows professionals to work more independently.

With these three ways to minimize exposure to welding fumes, you or your business can work more efficiently while maintaining a healthy state of being. For advanced fume extraction solutions, you should consider our array of competent systems designed for your workshop’s needs.

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