3 Simple Tips for Improving Welding Safety

3 Simple Tips for Improving Welding Safety

Protecting yourself and others when working with metal is of the utmost importance. There are many hazards present in metal fabricating workshops, no matter their size. Chemicals, flames, heat, and obstructing equipment all pose a danger to welders. Here are our three simple tips for improving welding safety.

Use Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment, or PPE, is crucial for providing a safe welding workshop. Welders expose themselves to heat, sparks, and flames. They also encounter various harmful chemicals. To counteract these threats, all persons in the workshop should wear their PPE.

Welders should put on properly fitting welder’s masks when using flames and protective goggles when cutting metal. Heat-resistant gloves and body pads will also keep skin protected, and a simple face mask will minimize exposure to toxins. Lastly, welders should always wear steel boots to avoid breaking bones due to falling heavy objects.

Educate and Inspect

Using protective gear helps reduce injuries, but it doesn’t do a good job when misused. Therefore, it’s best to keep yourself and employees educated on the dangers of the workshop and how to wear and use PPE correctly. Hold regular meetings that reinforce proper working techniques so that employees are more likely to handle dangerous problems.

Inspecting the workshop often ensures problems don’t occur in the first place. These inspections involve checking for hazards, such as clutter and surface water. It’s also a good idea to check that everyone is practicing safe work habits a few times a day.

Maintain a Proper Working Environment

Once you’ve completed a regular workshop inspection, you should maintain a functional, hazard-free space. Don’t allow clutter to build up, as this will make injuries more likely. You can resolve issues preemptively by simply placing items and equipment back when finished with them.

There should be plenty of walking space for welders. Additionally, you should ensure that fume exposure remains minimal, as fabricated metal produces many dangerous toxins. Try using windows and doors for better airflow and implement welding fume collectors to clean the air effectively.

These three simple tips for improving welding safety ensure that all individuals in the workshop go home healthy every day. FumeDog has quality fume extracting products that provide adequate protection against dangerous toxins.

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