Fume Dog - Premium Fume Extraction Arm / Snorkel

Fume Dog - Premium Fume Extraction Arm / Snorkel

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Fume Dog - Premium Fume Extraction Arm / Snorkel

Fume Dog - Premium Fume Extraction Arm / Snorkel

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Product Description

The Fume Dog Premium Weld Fume Extraction arm is simply the best on the market.  The entire basis of design is to reduce the amount of effort required to move the arm.  Though we are certain our customers are all hardened supermen with the body of a Greek god, the fluid movement of this arm requires only your pinky to position it where you want it.
  • Metal Constructed Fume Extraction Arm / Snorkel
  • Wall Mount Bracket Included
  • 360 degree movement
  • Movement so smooth you can move it with your pinky.
  • Internal Damper
  • Ships ASAP
  • Not cheap, but it's the best.
  • See drop down below for different sizes.
  • Our Standard, Magnetic, FDA Compliant and Economy options can be found here.

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Plain English Description

-Movement so smooth you can move it with your pinky
-Made of metal, won't melt on you
-Rotates 360 degrees
-Hoses at the joints rated for 200 degrees farenheit
-The best fume arm on the market.  It's not cheap but you'll be glad you got it.

Corporate Speak

Corporate Speak:-Low friction and easy to operate
-Capture at source EXTREME capture zone-Externally articulated 
-HEAVY DUTY spring

Technical Specifications

Airflow: 800 - 1200 CFM

Arm Diameter: 6 - 8 inches 

Length: 10 ft, & 14 ft

Construction: Steel and Aluminum

Finish: Powder Coat

Cut Sheet

User Manual

Fume Dog Warranty

We don't sell broken stuff, but in case our competitors manage to break into our plant and sabotage our equipment, the below warranty applies.

As the original purchaser, we guarantee that your Fume Dog extraction system will remain free from defects in material within one year of its original purchase. If such defects appear under normal usage, we will repair or replace your product at no cost to you. Please refer to the Owners Manual for more information about our One Year Limited Warranty.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Welding Fume Extractors

Why Should You Purchase Welding Fume Extraction Arms?

There are many reasons to buy welding fume extraction arms from Fume Dog. Here are the top ones:

Made of High QualityOur fume extraction arms are made using heavy-duty materials and are of the highest quality possible. These pieces are designed to handle all types of working environments, and you've got many choices. Likewise, we can guarantee efficiency with our products.

You deserve a work environment that's clean so that workers can breathe easier. You can trust us for your welding fume extraction arms!

In StockOur warehouse is full of extraction arms. In fact, our fume arms are in stock so that you'll get your product quickly. We're one of the top shippers in this industry and a large supplier in the United States. Likewise, our welding arms go through a quality check before leaving the warehouse.

Dedicated Sales StaffWith our amazing staff on hand, you'll get the best customer support possible. Plus, we keep things competitive, and our extraction arms are relatively priced to what you'll see elsewhere.

 When you need assistance, someone from the sales team will be ready to help. Plus, they've got extensive knowledge and will ensure you get the best service possible.

Various ApplicationsOur fume extraction arms are designed for source capture of various types of fumes and dust. You'll be able to contain the fumes and deal with maintenance welding and powder filing with ease. If you require the extraction of fumes and light dust in an elevated space, they're a great choice, as well.

Source capture focuses on using hoods to remove the contaminants, such as capturing fumes, smoke, dust, and oil mist, at the source to protect the workers and prevent contamination elsewhere.

You need a product that can handle chemical fume extraction, dust, smoke, and much more. Our welding arms will help you achieve your goals.

Suitable for Many Industrial ApplicationsOur extraction arms meet the requirements of many industries. In fact, you can use one of our arms if you're into laser printing, laser engraving, fabrication shops, welding, chemical, solvent, paint, laboratories, art conservation, and more.

If you ever have to deal with light dust, smoke, or fumes, it's wise to choose one of our arms.

In fact, our products protect workers from smoke, dust, fumes, and everything else. You won't have to worry about them breathing in the dust, regardless of the industry you work in. Our items are flexible enough to handle just about anything!

What's the Welding Fume Extraction Arm Price?

We have many fume arms available, but our premium fume extraction snorkel/arm is $1,525. The shipping charge is extra, and this is calculated when you check out. However, it's in stock and will ship today!

How Do I Choose Fume Arms for My Fume Extraction Systems?

Portable fume extractors are highly beneficial, but you must consider the volume of contaminants, type, and the capture method. Generally, the source capture option is ideal for fumes, and our arms can be highly advantageous.

Mobility is often crucial here, so you'll choose a compact and portable option. However, when dealing with harmful contaminants, you'll need a source capture system with multi-stage filtration. It's easy to choose the right air cleaning system, and it's also an important step to protect all your employees and customers.

What If I Have More Questions? Where Do I Go?

We offer a full line of extraction arms, and it's easy to get replacement parts for them as needed. Though we're flexible, we realize you might have questions we didn't cover today. You may email sales@fumedog.com or call 1-800-980-3481 to get extra assistance whenever necessary.

What Are the Benefits of Welding Fume Extraction Arms?

There are many benefits of using welding fume extraction arms, and we offer a full line of products to help meet your needs. The advantages include:

Flexibility in all directions
Easy to position
 Won't obstruct your equipment
 Low maintenance
Works on dust and chemical requirements

If you require a longer reach and use overhead cranes, our unique design will be highly beneficial. In fact, it will remove dust and other fumes in various industries.