Fume Dog - J-Hook for Welding Booth
Fume Dog - J-Hook for Welding Booth
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Fume Dog - J-Hook for Welding Booth

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J-Hook for mounting on Fume Dog welding booth.
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Packaged Options

You can save a good deal of money by using our Welding Booth Packages.

Sharing Side Walls:

- Booths are made of three panels, two side panels and one back panel.  When you have multiple booths in a row (like most welding labs) you can "share" these side panels and save 30% or more on the cost of welding booths.  Our packaged options include these savings in the price.

Add Fume Extraction: 

- Ducted systems can be costly and inflexible.  By using our welding booth package with Bulldog Weld Fume Extractors you:
                 - Save money on installation, just throw the booths together, plug in your extractor and you're done.
                 - Get your lab finished now.  Extractors and booths ship within 24 to 48 hours.
                 - Maintain flexibility.  If you add more welders later just get another booth.  A ducted system requires costly re-work.

 - As an option, you can add our Bulldog Weld Fume Extractor to these packages and have your complete welding lab specified and priced without needing to wait.


Plain English:

- In stock, ships within 24 to 48 hours.

- Made in the USA
                - You can avoid explaining to your students why they are learning to weld on equipment built by their competitors.

- A 12-gauge, 5 x 5 Welding Booth (custom sizes available)

- Options include:
               - A Red Alert Light that students can toggle to get the instructor's attention.
               - J-Hooks
               - Table
               - Tool Tray
               - Welding Curtain and Rod

- Includes fire resistant paneling.

- Optional Fume Extraction to complete your lab without the need of an expensive central system.

-We offer free design, drawings, and specification guides.

Corporate Speak:

- Welding Booth includes our ENDURA-TECH-LAST-STEEL that we use to make some square tubing and sheet metal welded together sound fancy!

- When paired with a Fume Dog unit Welding Booths use our ULTRA MEGA EXTREME capture system to capture all the dust and fume in your workspace.

- Optional articulated steel fume arm designed for unprecedented 360 degree swing action.


Size: 5 ft x 5 ft (custom sizes available)
Finish:Black Powder Coat (custom available)
Pow120v / 1ph


We don't sell broken stuff, but in case our competitors manage to break into our plant and sabotage our equipment, the below warranty applies.

As the original purchaser, we guarantee that your Fume Dog extraction system will remain free from defects in material within one year of its original purchase. If such defects appear under normal usage, we will repair or replace your product at no cost to you. Please refer to the Owners Manual for more information about our One Year Limited Warranty.

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